Our Products/Services

luminarcThe Luminarc brand was introduced in 1958, first as a brand for glasses made of annealed glass, then expanding to a generalist tableware items brand with multiple glass materials. Sattarzadeh Company is a major distributor of Luminarc products in Afghanistan for the last 4 decades.


img_4735The SGT brand is registered under Sattarzadeh Company in kitchen appliances products that is known as premium brand of Quick Chopper; Sattarzadeh Group of Companies focus to fulfill its customers needs with premium quality and customer services.

Luxe Glass

luxe-glassLuxe Glass is a registered brand of Sattarzadeh Group of Companies for crystal and luxury products; Luxe Glass is well known among our High-level customers.

Elegant Glass

elegant-glassElegant Glass is another Luxury Brand of Sattarzadeh Group of companies for our Glassware and Crystal Products among the neighborhood countries.